August News 2018

August was an exciting month at SymGEO, including commercial real estate management, Enterprise Server configuration, and even a little data processing thrown in. Read on for details!

commercial property management

Keeping track of who is where, what’s coming soon, and when leases are ending can be quite a challenge when hundreds (or thousands!) of properties are involved. Fortunately, GIS is perfectly suited to this task.

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Publishing, organizing, and making data accessible on the web can be tricky business in an ever-changing technical landscape. If you’re ready to set up EnterpriseServer, or Portal, let us know as our highly trained technical staff is here to help.

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Ever wonder how much land area there is in DC by zoning type? Well, wonder no more, as we sliced and diced the data, and created the DC Land Area Explorer by Zoning Type.

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Have an idea for a project? Contact SymGEO with project requirements as we’re here to help, and enjoy back-to-school season!