About Us

SymGEO provides cost-effective GIS mapping solutions and digital community engagement platforms for government, commercial, and non-profit clients. We specialize in geospatial data analytics, insightful visualizations, and compelling narratives to help our clients make informed decisions and tell an engaging story with their data. By leveraging available spatial data, modern GIS technology, and a holistic worldview, SymGEO provides actionable intelligence to help answer local and global challenges. We take pride in connecting “the dots” of subject matter expertise, evolving technology, and best practices to benefit our clients. Please see our printable one-page capabilities statement.

SymGEO is the spatial arm of Symago LLC, a respected Maryland technology company founded in 2001. As a small, minority, woman-owned business, we deliver tremendous value to our partners. As a GSA IT Schedule 70 holder (47QTCA19D00AL), we offer competitive rates and flexible staffing arrangements.

SymGEO is based on the founding principles that people:

  • Want to make informed decisions as quickly as possible
  • Are most comfortable with data they can see and understand
  • Will use modern technology when presented in an approachable manner

With 20 years of applied GIS, remote sensing, data visualization and analytical experience, we work with our clients to design innovative solutions that fit their individual needs. SymGEO focuses on cost-effective, iterative solutions using configurable applications developed in an Agile environment to put the needed tools in our client's hands as quickly and efficiently as possible. From idea conception to successful delivery, we happily work with our clients and data partners every step of the way.

Our extensive product and service offerings include:


  • Configurable, cost-effective, data-driven solutions using Esri technology
  • Leverage data assets to make informed, insightful decisions
  • Visualize spatial data change over space and time
  • Spot trends and data outliers with ease
  • Put the right tools in the most capable hands


  • A comprehensive workflow leveraging cloud-based data and a mobile workforce
  • Share real-time data and updates with your workforce
  • See status updates and data changes as they occur
  • Track progress and re-allocate resources as needed


  • Use 3D data to build interactive digital building models
  • Calculate site-lines, viewsheds, shadows or sunshine
  • Visualize proposed developments and potential impacts
  • Navigate permitting and regulatory approval process with confidence
  • Scalable from local development to smart city-wide planning

SymGEO is a proud member of the Esri Emerging Business Partnership program, integrating best-in-class ArcGIS technology into our products and benefiting our clients with a long-term Esri partnership. We are also honored to be included in both the Esri ArcGIS Online Specialty program and the Esri ArcGIS for Local Government Specialty program. These designations are in recognition of our proven set of value-added services and solutions that help users implement and optimize ArcGIS Online in their organizations, and for promoting and implementing ArcGIS apps, maps and solutions for local government.

Located at: 9841 Washingtonian Blvd., Suite 200-310, Gaithersburg, MD 20878

General Inquires: engage@symgeo.com, or contact us