Federal Small Business Specialty

SymGEO is honored to join Esri’s Federal Small Business Specialty program, focused on developing opportunities to provide consulting, implementation, and solutions for the ArcGIS platform to the Federal Government user community.

“Esri’s Federal Small Business Specialty program is designed for qualified, registered small businesses who have expertise in GIS and want to develop services offerings and pursue opportunities around the Esri ArcGIS platform to grow their business.” – Esri

SymGEO has been fortunate to work with fantastic state and local government clients on projects that have appeared at Esri plenary presentations around the country. Our recent work for the District Department of Transportation Urban Forestry Division, focusing on resource equity and data transparency, was featured in the State and Local Government newsletter (page 5). With this new Federal Small Business Specialty designation, we look forward to expanding our Esri partner offerings to include the federal market!

Urban Forestry in DC: Resource Equity and Data Transparency

To learn more about these projects or any of our services, contact us to start a conversation – SymGEO is a certified Esri business partner and we’re here to help.