Croatia Railway Dashboard Case Study

Client: The World Bank

Challenge: The World Bank partnered with a group in Croatia to gain insight into the country’s rail network, an effort that would lead to improved safety and the more efficient transport of goods. As part of this effort, the two teams inventoried Croatia’s railways to better identify sections that were at risk of deterioration and in need of maintenance or that could become commerce choke points. In the inventory, however, some of the data were shown in different systems of measurement, and a lot of the schematic diagrams were rudimentary, which made it difficult to view and manage the data.

Solution: To enhance and streamline the railway’s existing data management system, the World Bank and the local teams in Croatia joined forces with Esri partner SymGEO. Over the course of two months, SymGEO worked with staff from the World Bank to develop a high-resolution, unified dataset and create a dashboard solution that improved data management and analysis. This solution was featured in ArcNews as a success story entitled “World Bank Deploys GIS Dashboard to Improve Railway Safety in Croatia” highlighting how to effectively develop and deploy a dashboard solution.

Client Feedback: “This is superb and exactly what the client needed and what I was imagining.” – World Bank client

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