Urban Wood Reuse Case Study

Client: Urban Forestry Division of DDOT

Challenge: Teaching kids the importance of nature, recycling, history, and culture is a lofty goal. The Urban Forestry Division (UFD) offers an environmentally friendly program called Urban Wood Reuse that provides DC Public Schools, public charter schools, and parks with wood products to improve grounds at no cost. Community outreach was needed to spread the word about this amazing program.

Solution: SymGEO was excited to develop the community outreach component of the Urban Wood Reuse program by designing and launching the Wood Reuse Hub site using ArcGIS Hub and Survey123 technology. This solution established two-way communication between the UFD and DC schools and parks interested in “sitting on a piece of DC History”. The site shares knowledge and products from the UFD while gathering the school’s product ideas and requirements.

Client Feedback: “The new elements from Urban Wood Reuse have been well-received by our community and have enhanced our space. We are very grateful for their efforts that directly support our garden hideaway in the middle of the city.”  – Mundo Verde Bilingual PCS

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DC Office of Zoning Handbook Case Study

Client: DC Office of Zoning

Challenge: The District of Columbia Office of Zoning (DCOZ) is responsible for communicating zoning rules and regulations to District residents. The existing Zoning Handbook site was built on WordPress technology, was 300+ pages to maintain, and tabular information was difficult to use on mobile. A new web framework was needed to keep up with the dynamic changes to zoning codes.

Solution: To facilitate the flow of technical information and consolidate the existing webpages into a manageable solution, SymGEO designed and implemented the next-generation DC Zoning Handbook using ArcGIS Hub technology and ArcGIS Dashboards. Data is now referenced dynamically in a mobile-responsive format.

Client Feedback: “The Zoning Handbook is an important resource for District residents to understand and participate in the zoning process. We enjoyed working with SymGEO to migrate existing content, leverage current technology, and develop new solutions to make the process as easy as possible for our audience.” – Director, DC Office of Zoning

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Vision Zero DC Case Study

Client: DDOT Vision Zero DC

Challenge: District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser launched Vision Zero in 2015 to inspire and transform DC’s roadway safety efforts and to set DC’s sights on a goal of zero fatalities or serious injuries on District streets. Since then, the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) has shifted to designing streets that are safe for everyone, working closely with community members to identify problems and build solutions. To help organize and communicate the significant progress made since the launch of the Vision Zero program, DDOT needed a comprehensive website solution.

Solution: SymGEO built a new Vision Zero DC website using ArcGIS Hub technology that provides a consolidated home for information on current and upcoming traffic safety projects, as well as dashboards and map features for interactive user experiences. The website also serves as a robust educational tool for promoting safe traveling behaviors. This solution was featured on the front page of ArcNews, entitled “Washington, DC, Pursues Equity and Transparency in Vision Zero Campaign“.

Client Feedback: “The new Vision Zero DC website will help us work closely with community members to identify problems and build solutions. SymGEO iterated quickly and efficiently on design ideas and built a very engaging platform solution for DDOT.” – DDOT Vision Zero Director

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Special Event Operations Case Study

Client: DDOT Traffic Management Center

Challenge: DDOT needed a solution to help organize special events, create event site maps, develop health and safety plans, manage event incidents and assignments, monitor public health and safety operations, and create after-action reports.

Solution: SymGEO configured and deployed an ArcGIS Special Event Operations Solution to enable the hosting of comprehensive information about an event in one authoritative, collaborative place.

Client Feedback: “The Special Events solution has sparked a new level of excitement in preparing for special events in the city. With SymGEO’s technical help, DDOT now has improved internal communication and decision-making abilities. The training provided by SymGEO has been super beneficial – they are a treasure!” – DDOT Program Manager, Traffic Management Center

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Academic Hub Site Case Study

Client: Governors State University College of Business

Challenge: Collaboration and using the best available data are keys to success at academic institutions, however, finding authoritative data and relevant training classes can be difficult without guidance.

Solution: SymGEO built the pilot GSU COB Data Explorer Hub site, available for students and faculty to explore and engage with Esri geospatial technology and the larger GIS community.

Client Feedback: “For students in the College of Business at GSU, this website will help them find, visualize, and analyze geospatial data and applications relevant to the business world around us.” – Associate Professor, Governors State University

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Ward7 Outreach Case Study

Client: Ward7 Outreach Committee

Challenge: Development within Washington DC is guided by a Comprehensive plan developed by the Office of Planning. Over the years, Ward7 has achieved its own distinct success, however, historic challenges have caused a rather sharp divide between Ward7 and some of its surrounding neighborhoods. Community outreach regarding what factors are considered by the plan and some of the challenges faced by Ward7 during the development process was required.

Solution: SymGEO built a community outreach site using ArcGIS Hub, designed to present a brief history of the area, a flavor of the neighborhood, the challenges faced due to a changing development landscape, and a call to action for the residents.

Client Feedback: “The genius of SymGEO was exactly what I needed to help jump-start a discussion on the DC Comprehensive Plan/Element Framework, transforming it from a boring review of data sets into an energizing discussion where people can clearly identify themselves in the data and endeavor to become change agents! SymGEO has taken community engagement and data collection to another level! #OneHappyCustomer” – Ward7 Outreach Committee Chair

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APTA Industry Footprint Case Study

Client: American Public Transportation Association

Challenge: Public transportation is a $79 billion industry that employs 430,000 people and supports millions of private-sector jobs. As the public transportation industry advocacy leader, the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) is dependent on accurate, current data to help inform critical decisions. APTA needed a platform to collect, analyze, and present key statistics at national, state, and local levels for their nonprofit work.

Solution: SymGEO worked with our partners at GeoMarvel to develop the APTA Industry Footprint, providing insight into APTA membership, public transportation providers, transit service, manufacturing supply chains, and congressional/legislative contact information.

Client Feedback: “We are happy with the results of our partnership with SymGEO. They produced a website that equals our ambition and stature as an association.” – APTA Director of Policy Research and Development

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Urban Forestry Hub Case Study

Client: DDOT Urban Forestry Division

Challenge: With a long history of caring for the extensive forest canopy in DC, the Urban Forestry Division (UFD) has meticulously assembled data sets and applications to help in their forest management mission and to communicate with a variety of audiences. The UFD needed a way to effectively communicate the depth and breadth of service and resource offerings.

Solution: SymGEO built a digital platform designed to engage and interact with the DC community and provide information about the many services and resources offered by the Urban Forestry Division (UFD) using ArcGIS Hub technology. This platform was also featured in Esri’s State and Local government solutions newsletter.

Client Feedback: “SymGEO is a remarkably flexible and responsive company. They listen carefully to requirements and deftly blend customer vision with technological capabilities.” – DDOT Associate Director / State Forester

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DC Trail Rangers Case Study

Client: DC Trail Rangers

Challenge: Trail Rangers are a consistent and helpful presence on DC’s mixed-use, paved trails, charged with assisting trail users, improving trail conditions, and working with local agencies to keep the trails clean, bright, and clear of obstacles. To record their daily helpful activities, every trail service, maintenance task, work order request, or trail-side event needed to be captured by location with optional notes or photographs and tagged to the appropriate trail.

Solution: SymGEO configured and deploy an ArcGIS QuickCapture application for the DC Trail Ranger nonprofit team to facilitate the data collection process and quantify work efforts, and then used the collected data to populate a public-facing dashboard. This work was featured in the Esri case study “GIS-Driven Initiatives Promote Active Transportation in Washington, DC“.

Client Feedback: “As a field team that does a wide variety of outreach and maintenance tasks, ArcGIS QuickCapture has been great for record-keeping and storytelling of program impact. I can confidently say that staff stopped to sweep up broken glass in February 97 times!” – Trail Ranger and Outreach Director, Washington Area Bicyclist Association

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Capital Projects Case Study

Client: DDOT Performance Office

Challenge: The District Department of Transportation’s (DDOT‘s) mission is to enhance the quality of life for District residents and visitors by ensuring that people, goods, and information move efficiently and safely with minimal adverse impact on residents and the environment. To accomplish this goal, many transportation capital projects are being funded, designed, and constructed throughout the city.

Solution: To help organize and communicate capital project status and information, SymGEO collaboratively built an interactive engagement portal called DDOT Capital Projects using ArcGIS Hub technology.

Client Feedback: “The SymGEO team has helped DDOT transform our digital presence into a highly engaging, well-organized platform. They leverage GIS best-practices and Esri technology to produce visually informative and actionable solutions.” -DDOT Chief Performance Officer

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