Global Water Risk Dashboard

SymGEO is pleased to share a free and interactive Global Water Risk Dashboard to help inform policy decisions on water risk and spark international discussion around the world. Powered by Esri’s ArcGIS dashboard technology, this configurable application is based on population data provided by CIESIN, overall water risk data from Water Resources Institute, and country boundary data from GADM.

From WRI: “Overall water risk identifies areas with higher exposure to water-related risks and is an aggregated measure of all selected indicators from the Physical Quantity, Quality and Regulatory & Reputational Risk categories. Physical risks related to quantity identify areas of concern regarding water quantity (e.g. droughts or floods) that may impact short or long term water availability. Physical risks related to quality identify areas of concern regarding water quality that may impact short or long term water availability. Regulatory and reputational risks identify areas of concern regarding uncertainty in regulatory change, as well as conflicts with the public regarding water issues.”

These data sets can be explored in detail in the WRI’s Aqueduct application.

The data was processed in ArcGIS Pro to aggregate the number of people in each country by overall risk category using zonal statistics. Once processed and symbolized, the data was then published and hosted in ArcGIS online, from which the Operation Dashboard was constructed. Charts and numerical summaries update interactively based on the map window extents, and clicking on a country of interest reveals detailed overall water risk data for that country.

Check out the Global Water Risk Dashboard today and let us know what you think!