3D Building Visualization

SymGEO is excited to share a peek behind the scenes into our cutting edge 3D building visualization products leveraging Esri CityEngine and a little post-processing magic. The end result is a virtual environment that can’t wait to be explored! Each building is generated from building mass information or building footprints. Textures are added based on zoning information and can be fully customized if building photography is available.

Once the existing environment is built out, the fun begins of playing “what-if” scenarios for proposed commercial or residential developments.

Full control over camera and environmental variables allows the presentation of 3D building data in the optimum light.

Video fly-over gives the ultimate in bird’s eye perspective and allows stakeholders full visibility into a proposed development.

Needless to say, this powerful combination of software makes compelling, cost-effective 3D building presentations a reality.

Check out our fun, promotional video on YouTube and let us know if your world is ready for this!