April News 2018

Spring has sprung, and new ideas are growing left, right and center! This month SymGEO has focused on the 3D building construction process, from local buildings to city-wide development, and dove into mobile workforce management. Follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn for timely news, and let us know if you’d like to see specifics on any technology mentioned here.

building a digital city
We have continued to improve upon our process for building 3D models, and scaled up production to the city level. Using LiDAR data and building footprints, digital city twinning facilitates planning and redevelopment scenarios.

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When generic building textures aren’t enough, we use ground-level photography as a “skin” for the building. This makes the buildings instantly recognizable to audiences familiar with the locations.

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workforce management

So, your people are your greatest asset. Do you know where your greatest assets are? Right now?? Mobile workforce management just got a lot easier with Esri technology.

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project page

Check out these projects (and their friends) on our newly updated projects page, and let us know if you have a pet project that could use some SymGEO love.